In 1984 we brewed our own Elixir de Nafraiture. A liquor with herbs from our own garden and cheap alcohol. It was really appreciated, but after an audit of the tax services, it appeared that not everything was compliant. We either had to stop brewing, or make the necessary changes under the supervision of the auditors to make sure everything happened according to the law. And here we are...
With a new name, a few changes to the original recipe and completely in accordance to the law, the first bottle of ELIXIR DE VRESSE was bottled in 1987. A successful liquor of which yearly about 1500 bottles are sold.

Since 2012 we also offer a less strong alternative based on gentian and grapefruit: LE JARDIN DES ARÔMES.


Elixir de Vress is brewed according to an old abbey recipe with an alcohol percentage of 36%.

It is prepared with about forty fresh herbs, grown in our own garden. It is based on the Angelica root (Angelica Archangelica).



Le jardin des arômes is a delightful aperitif with an alcohol percentage of 15%.

The liquor has a mixture of tastes based on citrus fruits, gentiana and is finished with ginger. It is a refined aperitif, a mixture of bitterness brought by the grapefruit and acidity from the coriander and ginger root.

It has to be served cool.