Goat cheese

Goat cheese

Fresh goat cheese

From March until November you can come to us for tasty goat cheese, prepared from the fresh milk of our own goats. Out of respect for our animals, the goats are not milked for 5 months during gestation.

The time of the aging process determines the taste, flavor, and texture of the cheese. The shorter the aging, the softer and smoother the cheese will be. Mature and old cheeses are aged for a longer period and have a stronger taste.

Our cheeses are not salted when the are produced, which gives them a chance to evolve from a soft and creamy taste, to a more strong and tangy one. During this evolution the cheese loses a lot of whey. It is a fantastic medium to improve the bowel movement.

Our fresh goat cheese can be consumed on the spot, or can be taken along.

Maturation time

•    Young goat cheese (with/without herbs): 4 days aging
•    Mature goat cheese: 2 to 3 weeks aging
•    Old goat cheese: 1 to 2 months aging
•    Green goat cheese: 3 to 6 months aging

Did you know that you need 1 liter of goat milk for 200 grams of goat cheese.

Goat farm

We have are own goat farm with about 60 goats and 1 buck.

The meadows are located next to the herb garden, but you will get the best view from the street.

In August the breeding season is starting. After 147 to 152 days (about 5 months) we can welcome the little goat lambs.The older the goats are, the more chance we have of getting twins or triplets.

A goat lamb drinks about 3 months from its mother. After a day or ten, it is already eating some hay and animal feed along side the other goats. As soon as the little ones stop drinking, we start milking to produce our delicious goat cheese.

Do you wish to buy a goat? It is possible, alive as well as slaughtered.